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Kenny “The Rocker”

Real Talk With G-LOVE Host


Kenny "The Rocker" Wilkerson is a nationally touring musician with displays representing 80’s metal genre in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the Hard Rock Café. He also has a documentary "Nova Rex: Ain't Easy Being Cheesy", which was aired on the DOC Channel, Netflix and is also featured in the movie, "Hair I Go Again" with artists like Warrant, Queensryche and Quiet Riot to name a few. Now he is also an author with the release of his charity cookbook, "Rockin Recipes for Autism" which features 57 Hall of Fame and Grammy winners along with members of Whitesnake, Poison, and Ozzy Osbourne just to name a few. From 2013 to 2015, Kenny hosted his own radio show called Club 927 on Flagler Broadcasting where he interviewed national artists and had segments like "The Indie Spotlight", featuring unsigned bands, which eventually became a segment on the nationally syndicated morning show, "The Daily Buzz" that he hosted on Fridays. He also had a segment, "What's Hot or Not" regarding everything from gossip to fashion. Now, he has teamed up with G-LOVE after producing a very successful internet radio show for the past two years. Kenny “The Rocker” is ready to take over the nation.

Glenda “G-LOVE” Chauncy

Real Talk With G-LOVE Host


Glenda “G-LOVE” Chauncy is a radio DJ and previous political TV talk show host, she is known for her no-nonsense attitude and tells it like it is on-air personality. Starting out on radio back in 2007 by accident, it became a passion and love reaching out to the masses who wanted to hear her approach to risky subjects, such as alternative lifestyles, relationships, love of music and adding her own fun twist! From 2012 to 2013 as a radio sensation on Living Sexy Radio Network, to joining the Connections Show for 2 years as G-LOVE on 104.1 IHeart Media, she made a name for herself. Finally, setting up her own radio station on Rock All Out Radio bringing LOVE to her listeners streaming and on multiple platforms. Most recently joining the Florida Man Radio on 105.5 FM/660 AM as Real Talk With G-LOVE & Kenny “The Rocker” weekdays and now you can find G-LOVE Monday & Wednesdays 5-7 PM EST on LIVE365 RockAllOutRadio 

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Belinda "Metallicougar" Glass Hinton

Metallicougar Cubbies Host


With her go-getter attitude and ingenuity, Belinda Glass Reedy began her career in photo-journalist by walking into the offices of fledgling publication, Folio Weekly, in Jacksonville, FL., armed with two rolls of black and white film taken at an event they hadn't intended to publish. The result was a phone call from the editor and a two-page spread. She had her first photography job. Since then, Belinda has become an internationally published photographer, an educator and a leader in the photographic industry, world wide. In her career, she has photographed: over 1,000 weddings, covered musical events ranging from stadium tours of David Bowie and Peter Frampton, to smaller shows and major festivals with acts such as Rob Zombie and Korn. Her work has appeared on CD covers, posters, t-shirts, and many other promotional items. Her work has been featured on Animal Planet on the show Gator Boys. Her work appears regularly on nationally known artists Facebook pages and Twitter.

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Elvy Lopez (Producer)

Elvy Lopez

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David Pomales DPomales
(Creative Services )

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Tara Yeager


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