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One of the primary functions of identity theft attorneys is to provide clarity and understanding of the complex laws and regulations governing identity theft, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act. With legal expertise at hand, these attorneys enable victims to exercise their rights and pursue appropriate legal remedies for the theft.

Attorneys that specialize in identity theft also perform investigations regarding the theft in question. They collect evidence, get police reports, and compile documentation that substantiates the theft and supports the victim's case. It is through this investigative process that one builds a strong foundation to dispute fraudulent accounts, charges, and inquiries on a victim's credit report.

Identity theft attorneys also act on behalf of clients in negotiations with credit bureaus, financial institutions, and creditors. They work diligently to dispute unauthorized transactions, negotiate with creditors to remove fraudulent entries from credit reports, and ensure the rights of victims are protected through the process. When legal action must be taken, these attorneys represent and advocate for victims in court proceedings to ensure that appropriate treatment and restitution for the damages incurred are awarded.


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