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Our goal is to provide heavy-duty equipment that is safe for your equine partners and seamlessly incorporated in your horse barn providing safety, beauty and functionality. Not all horse stalls are created equally, but we build everything right here in the USA using the best materials we can source. Contact us today to learn more about how we make horse stalls better.


Rest assured that Sterling Equine always designs and builds our horse stalls and related equestrian equipment with safety, functionality, and longevity in mind. We only use the highest quality Galvanized Steel when building our horse stall fronts and stabling equipment.

Sterling E-Series horse stalls were inspired from timeless European stall front designs. Hinged doors and sweeping curves create an open and airy design that promotes social interaction. Exclusively designed for the discerning client, the E-Series stall fronts will elevate your barn with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Hand made by our expert craftsmen, these horse stalls are tailored to your needs and designed to last a lifetime.

Absolutely! We love our customers to be involved in the design process and our design team loves new challenges. We enjoy working hand in hand with our clients in designing their horse stalls and equipment. The end result of doing it this was is our customer always get the highest quality products and service.

Yes! We have made stalls for dogs, sheep, pigs, cattle, goats and more. Many of our standard stall fronts and horse panels can be easily adapted to suit the needs of creating a safe and functional space for nearly any type of animals or livestock.

There are nine letters in all, from the Santa Anita stalls to when Ted volunteered for the Army after graduating from high school at the Heart Mountain camp in Wyoming. Kathie mailed me photocopies and I began to hear the voice of an uncle I never met. Somehow, he was convinced that prejudice could be defeated:

The Winnemucca Events Complex has 1,092 horse stalls, including 288 enclosed box stalls, 300 permanent covered horse pens/stalls, 504 temporary covered/open stalls, and six wash racks. In addition, the Winnemucca Events Complex has over 8 acres of lighted and paved parking. Our dedicated event professionals have the equipment and experience to prepare, groom and maintain the facility to meet the needs of most all types of events or activities.

Sterling Equine designs and manufactures the highest quality Horse Stalls and stabling equipment all right here in the USA. We want to help you bring your dream horse barn to life. We offer custom, luxury, horse stalls, beautiful barn doors, paddock doors, windows, high quality horse stall mats and Rubber Pavers. Sterling Equine is the innovator of looks and materials; we build the most beautiful and functional horse barn equipment in the world. Our business philosophy is whether you have a one horse stall barn or multiple, you are guaranteed the same quality service and product.

Plyco Dutch doors, horse stall gates and grills safeguard your prized animals in style. Both their rugged functionality and aesthetically pleasing, ornate layout will leave you with a horse stall system that not only looks great, but is also built to withstand the test of time! These quality products include horse stall units, horse stable Dutch door systems and galvanized steel components for horse barns. The Equus Dutch Door and Champion Slide Door System are both available in double and single leaf style construction, and is specifically designed to coordinate with our Dutch doors.

Buy your stalls factory direct from our manufacturing facility in Ohio. We ship nationwide! Our wide selection of horse stalls are available in both prefabricated stall fronts and walls or in kit form. We manufacture black steel, galvanized steel and heavy duty mesh stalls. High quality products at a reasonable price has built our reputation since 1978! Galvanized Horse Stall Kits On Sale! Click Here HUGE SAVINGS on Feeders, Waterers & Tack Room Accessories if Ordered WITH HORSE STALLS!

Saratoga Stalls offers the highest quality European stall at an affordable cost. You have the option of having us custom build your stall, or we can customize your stalls to meet your needs. Everything is shipped directly to your door from our factory in Dalton GA.

Horses need medical care too! Equine veterinary hospitals or facilities that have medical horse stalls will love the fact that plastic lumber can withstand steam, hot water, and chemicals that are needed for proper sterilization.

While many horse owners board their horses at local luxury stables, there's a special delight in keeping horses at home. Choosing the right structure for sheltering them ensures that they stay happy and safe while owners enjoy the convenience of having these companions nearby. Stalls and run-in sheds are among the most common types of housing for horses. Each has benefits and drawbacks that can make one or the other a better bet for a specific horse owner's circumstances. If you're thinking about building a horse shelter on your equestrian property, read on to learn some pros and cons of stalls versus run-in sheds.

Stalls provide a sheltered accommodation where each horse can get their own personal space. This secured place can be a great fit for horses who need to be separated from others or need extra supervision. They can be a great fit in many set-ups, as long as the pros and cons are considered.

Some horses have a hard time self-regulating feeding. Others require specialized diets that may not be the same as other horses' on the property. With a barn stall, it is easy to see what the horse is eating and ensure that they are getting the proper diet.

People who want quick and easy access to their horses on a regular basis can appreciate this aspect of a barn stall. There is no need to dash out into the paddock to catch a horse who may have other ideas about how they wish to spend their afternoon.

And, like any other animal, horses sometimes get sick. Being able to stay in a horse stall is a comfort for both horse and owner when this occurs. Sick horses can be separated from others to ensure that illnesses don't spread. The vet will have easy access to give them the medical care they need. And, they can be protected from other horses and have the peace and quiet they need to heal.

When horses spend their time in stalls, they need to be taken out daily to get exercise. They are large animals that require the ability to run off energy, and proper exercise is essential to avoid health problems. Time in their stalls can also lead to boredom, which can, in turn, lead to behavior problems.

Owners who have the time for daily exercise (not to mention mucking stalls while the horses are out) can find that these requirements are not hard to manage. However, it could lead to more work than anticipated for many horse lovers.

Run-in sheds give horses freedom to decide where they wish to be and access to ample exercise. The set-up is simple: a large shed opens up onto a paddock that horses can freely access throughout the day. While this freedom is a wonderful thing for horses and owners alike, there are also potential complications to be aware of.

When horses stay in run-in sheds, owners have much less work to do. Horses can spend their time out in the paddock, which means less time mucking out stalls for you. They get as much exercise as they need because they spend the day roaming in the outdoors. Owners spend less time on maintenance, allowing them to spend more time feeding and enjoying their horses.

Horses are intelligent and curious animals. In a stall, they often do not have as much activity and exercise as they need. With a run-in shed, they have more space to explore. This increases their chances to entertain themselves throughout the day. Horses are happier and less prone to acting out than horses who spend their time in stalls.

During times of the year when poor weather is likely, a run-in shed may not provide enough protection. Cold winter weather and heavy rains can be unpleasant or even dangerous for horses.

Because sheds are typically portable, they might not provide the strength and protection of brick-and-mortar set-ups. Owners will have to watch weather conditions to ensure their horses are protected, safe, and warm.

Horses are highly individual, and different ones will thrive in different conditions. Sometimes, a horse's needs will vary from one part of the year to another. Some horse owners opt for a run-in shed during the most temperate times of year but use horse stalls during rainy, colder weather. Building a custom luxury stable perfect for the horses one plans to keep can be an exciting endeavor. By assessing a horse's needs and available space, horse owners can figure out the best way to keep their horse happy and safe.

There are a few types of bedding that are popular to use for horse stalls. Shavings are perhaps the most commonly used type of bedding. They are made out of finely shaved wood pieces such as pine or cedar.

Some horse owners will choose to use straw as their choice of bedding. Straw is usually reasonably priced and easy to find as well. The disadvantages of straw include that it is typically dusty and can be susceptible to mold.

Pelleted bedding has become very popular to use for horse stalls as well. The bedding comes in small wood pellets and must be wet in order to break down the pellets. Once broken down, they create a very absorbent and soft material for the horse to lay down on.

An important part of keeping your horse healthy and comfortable is cleaning its stall. Stalls should be cleaned every day. If you are able, you can clean the stall multiple times a day to make the task easy and quick.

She began riding at eight years old and now has over twenty years of horse experience. She grew up showing at local horse shows and moved on to riding and showing paint horses on the paint horse show circuit throughout the state of California. She then went on to show at the APHA World Show. She has two OTTBs and is training them for hunter/jumper shows. 041b061a72


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