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Hotel Chevalier Br Rip 1080p Movie Torrents

I think most of Wes Anderson's films are products you either love or you hate. Many professional reviewers and lovers of art and indie films adore his movies, whereas the average Joe (or Josephine) probably wonders why anyone would pay to see these movies. To say that his films lack conventional plots is an understatement--and the same can be said about "Hotel Chevalier". This short features what seems like an out of context snippet--not enough to tell a story and not one where you know much about the characters. And, when it's over, you STILL are left wondering what it was all about. Some love this ambiguity--some can't stand it. As for me, I have enjoyed some of Anderson's quirky films quite a bit (such as "Moonrise Kingdom" and "The Royal Tannenbaums") and hate thoroughly hated others (such as "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" and the film that this short precedes on the DVD--"The Darjeeling Limited". And, like the full length film, "The Darjeeling Limited", "Hotel Chevalier" lacks context and is tough to love. To me, it was just a snippet of a film involving two one-dimensional characters who meet in a hotel room to screw and not much more.

Hotel Chevalier Br Rip 1080p Movie Torrents

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