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Buy Chinese Music Online

The US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music promotes the study, performance, and appreciation of music from contemporary China, and supports the musical exchange between the United States and China.

buy chinese music online

Its home page lists some downloadable top 10, 100, 500 trending song charts. The site lets you download music in various formats like MP3, WMA and SWF. Besides, Baidu Music App is available on PC, iPhone and Android platforms.

QQ Music (QQ 音乐) is a popular music portal with more than 30 million copyrighted Chinese songs. Users can find a large collection of trending songs and tracks on it. You can listen to songs or play popular songs listed on its interface.

It supports downloading of a variety of formats like MP3, WMA, RAM. It is easy to download music with QQ music, you can download its app and download it to your phone. It has iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps available. Download its apps at

Netease Cloud Music (网易云音乐) is another popular music platform. The site is supported by Netease, one of the biggest Internet Giant in China. Soso Music allows users to discover songs through its search box and then lots of song resource links are listed in the results.People can listen to the song before downloading. If you want to download it, you will need to install its windows software or mobile app after downloading it. Download its apps at

wow, Thanks for sharing! I used to listen to Chinese songs on YouTube and use a music downloader HD Video Converter Factory to download my favorite Chinese songs. Now I have more choices! Thank you so much!

I am a chinese student. I can give you the most populaor songs in China, and I can tell you everthing which is happening in China. Email me , and hope of that we could make friends. My email is

Really!? As a Chinese people in Aus, I found lots of people struggling with listening or downloading Chinese music or movies. Best suggestion is QQ Music or Netease Music. Download it into your iPhone. Then you will enjoy almost all of the songs for free(Because they already pay the fee to the publisher and make it free to users in order to get the traffic). If you have any trouble with it, send email to me. I d like to

What are the most popular websites to listen to Chinese music in China? Many Chinese song lovers hope to find some sites to listen to Chinese music for free. Below are the 10 most popular Chinese online music services. Each site is pretty cool, with a large number of music and easy-to-use functions.

Yinyuetai was founded in 2009. With high-definition music video, this music portal focuses on providing the best visual feast for music lovers. The site has won the trust and praise of many users and boasts more than 20 million registered users.

Kugou is one of the most popular music sites among young Chinese music lovers. Its channels include radio, MV and live music. You can access to its music on computer, android mobile phone, iPhone and iPad. Its app is one of the most popular music apps in China, easy to use and owns a large number of songs. is a free social music share site like Spotify. All you have to do is type in the song name you like, its huge music pool offers almost all Chinese songs you love. The site also recommend similar style songs to you based on your preferences.

5nd is an original and digital Chinese music base. It channels include song rankings, singers, albums and radio. You also can find various charts on its home page such as new song chart, pop song chart and Engilsh song chart.

China is digital. Its music market is almost entirely digital. Physical sales here comprise only about 20% of the total market. China has more than twice as many internet users as the US has people. There are about 900 million mobile internet users here, 70% of whom consume music online. That means there are around 630 million mobile digital music consumers. With mobile payment penetration at about 85%, there are around 540 million consumers in China who can easily buy music on their phones. They may only be spending 10 ($1.45) a month for a premium service, or to download an album, but Chinese audiences are being conditioned to pay for their digital music and that is a big development that has taken a long time.

We were (and still are!) deeply mesmerized by the beauty of Chinese Music, and made it our career. Other than sale of musical instruments, we teach, perform and promote Chinese Music in various countries. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Based in Shanghai and USA, we are a group of musical instrument luthiers, makers and musicians, devoted to perfecting art of Oriental music. With every instrument backed fully by our years of expertise and experience, we assure all musicians of an unmatched quality and service unique to us at The Bamboo Grove.

All our instruments are backed with a 1 year warranty, with repairs done in the United States or China, whichever is convenient for you. Should the defect be non-repairable, WE REPLACE THE INSTRUMENT AT NO CHARGE! Should you have any queries, please email us at

"Dancing China - Online Modern Opera and Dance Drama Season" will bring four livestreamed performances online, covering the dance dramas Confucius and Li Bai, and two orchestral concerts of classical Chinese music.

The performances will be given by artists from the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, a State-level theater directly under the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism. With artistic categories including Chinese modern opera, dance drama and traditional Chinese orchestral music, the theater represents the highest performance level of stage art in China.

On an evening stroll, while contemplating how to bring music to people, Fuxi happened upon a parasol tree. As he approached it, the sun sent forth twilight rays and colored the skies with a blushing glow. A heavenly fragrance and melody seemed to fill the air. Experiencing this, Fuxi knew that this tree was meant to become his first musical instrument.

MTSU Center for Chinese Music and Culture (CCMC) is a hub for Chinese music and culture. Its mission is to engage regional, national, and global communities about rich and diverse musical and cultural traditions from China. CCMC strives to promote cultural diversity and mutual understanding through learning, scholarship, and service opportunities.

Entitled Xian Di Pipa Pu, which means Musical Scores for Chinese Flute and Lute, the book was discovered in the library by College Fellow Dr Joseph P. McDermott, now Emeritus Reader in Chinese History. In December 2013, he brought it to the attention of visiting scholar Dr Jian Yang, a musicologist. Dr Yang realised the book made use of a traditional Chinese system of notation known as gongche pu. Experts in China soon confirmed the volume was quite likely the only surviving copy.

The transcription project was successfully completed last month and now, 250 years after it was printed, the music will be performed live in the modern-day world premiere taking place on Saturday 16 May 2020 (Sunday 17 May in the UK) on the Zoom online video platform.

Ethnomusicologist François Picard of the Sorbonne University, a leading authority on Chinese musical notations of the 18th century who led the project team, said: "In transcribing and researching this centuries-old material, my method and my objective have always remained linked to the idea that this work deserves to be published and that it was intended to be played."

St John's College Sub-Librarian and Special Collections Librarian Kathryn McKee said: "This music could so easily have been lost forever. James Inman just happened to pick up a copy of this tiny flimsy pamphlet in Guangzhou, and gave it to his College Library, where it stayed safe, but unrecognised for 200 years. It's thrilling that scholars and musicians from around the world have now been able to bring it to life."

The concert is being organised and directed by Gordon Lee, Artistic Director of the Aimusic School in San Jose, California, and presented by permission of the Master and Fellows of St John's College.

The book's pieces will be played by 17 performers from the US, France and the UK on 13 different Chinese instruments. Among the guest performers are Prof Picard and David Badagnani, who is an ethnomusicologist and Director of the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble in Ohio and was also involved in the research, and Zi Lan Liao, Artistic Director of Pagoda Arts and the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra of Liverpool, UK, and an internationally-renowned musician.

You probably know that music is a powerful language learning tool, but languages like Chinese are especially well suited to be taught using music because pronouncing their words and phrases correctly involves understanding the various pitches and tones.

Now that you have almost two dozen sites to stream and download music from, what are you waiting for? Start boosting your Chinese speaking and listening skills with some exciting Chinese tunes all for free.

Then, it had 12.2 million people paying for its social entertainment services, and 35.4 million paying for its online music services. The former has shrunk by 39.3% since then, while the latter has grown by 140.9%.

TME also hosted 32 online and offline concerts in Q3 through its TME Live initiative, including hosting a virtual concert in its TMELAND virtual world with Pepsi which attracted more than four million viewers.

To convey the profound friendship between the people of China and France, and as the European Music Festival unfolds, China Cultural Center in Paris joined hands with China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, along with Chinese artists in France and students at the center and successfully hosted Poetic Fragrance from China: Traditional Chinese Music Concert last night, an online concert of traditional Chinese music. 041b061a72

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