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Irena Hood
Irena Hood

[S8E10] Managing Partner [WORK]

It was surprising that Alex wound up winning, but Samantha was being torn down for much of "Managing Partner" to the point she opted to basically tell Robert he was making her named partner because he owed it to her because of what happened all those years ago.

[S8E10] Managing Partner

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As Harvey and Robert have a firm-ending argument regarding Alex and Samantha, Donna walks into the office, armed and ready for war. There is only one solution, Louis Litt will become Managing Partner, and Donna is the first vote, giving Harvey and Robert no choice but to vote Louis. I admit I punched the air for a moment when Louis swaggers in, lays down the law on his ex-superiors and tells them both that Samantha and Alex both have to be named partners. Donna managed to orchestrate a firm-saving move, with a happy soon-to-be-father Louis Litt.

In the mid-season/summer finale, Samantha and Alex fight for the name partnership, Sheila becomes pregnant for real, and Donna orchestrates a rebalancing of power that results in a new firm name I refuse to learn or remember. 041b061a72


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