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The phrase originated from a hoax video created by YouTube user John Cain in January 2014.[4] The video portrayed a fictitious blooper from a live newscast covering the disappearance of Florence, Kentucky-native Jena Chisholm (who had been safely found in Las Vegas the day prior to filming), which featured a news reporter (played by Cain) on a hot mic, unaware he was on the air, telling his cameraman that he wanted to "fuck her right in the pussy" if she were found.[5]

Expect to make friends When you go on that first recruiting trip hoping to win a sports scholarship, you will meet the team you will probably play with for the next few years. When you go to your first practice, you will meet your 25 new best friends. These are the people who you will room with in the residence halls and when you move out of the dorms. You will sit next to them on the bench and in lecture halls. You will run with them during a game and to your next class. They will tell you what to improve on both in a practice and on an English paper. They will push you to do your best on the field and in the classroom. 041b061a72


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