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Irena Hood

JSK Flash Games Collection

Imgur user anteds posted this trailer for his Flash game Muse, created over 5 years ago. It was intended as a spiritual successor to Space Tracer but went rogue long before it got to completion.

JSK Flash Games Collection

Another game in the last collection by the same developer. There were two original prequels to this game, but they were never uploaded to the official site. Perhaps they'll return to the FGA one day.

One of these days we'll get a proper number-crunching version of a traditional Flash-produced pachinko game. But for now there are plenty of Flash-produced versions to pick from. These include a variety of browser-based and mobile-based pachinko games created by the Japanese copycats Pachi-Slot, Net Bingo and Bean Bros.

To be fair, Half-Life 1 and 2 actually worked pretty well in Flash. But that was some time back. The other day Valve released Portal and Portal 2 as the first games in their Digital Deluxe Edition collection. They each sport impressive original atmospheric levels that look a lot better than anything released for those platforms in the last few years, though neither are included in the collection. If youve played those and want to take the adventure further, theres still good odds youll be able to download the entire DDE from the Steam store. It also includes the three episodic spin-offs, Portal: The Secret Labs: Aperture, Portal: The Second Part and Portal: Anywhere. Theyre all free.

Even after Flash shut down in late 2020, various developers continued to create browser-based Flash versions of their games in an effort to stay afloat. Theres a lot of them here, but some of the more notable ones include Mario and Luigi at the top of the list.


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