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Filmpje Kelly Huizen Kijken [REPACK]

The Truth About Kelly Huizen: How a Teenage Video Changed Her Life Forever

Have you ever heard of Kelly Huizen? She is the girl who made a video for her boyfriend when she was 14 years old and ended up on the internet. The video went viral and caused her a lot of trouble and pain. She changed her name, moved to a different city, and tried to hide from the public eye. But who is she really? And what happened to her after the video scandal? In this article, we will reveal the truth about Kelly Huizen and how she turned her life around.

filmpje kelly huizen kijken

Who is Kelly Huizen?

Kelly Huizen was born in 1992 in the Netherlands. She was a normal teenager who liked to hang out with her friends, listen to music, and play video games. She had a boyfriend named Tim, who she loved very much. One day, she decided to make a video for him as a gift. She filmed herself touching herself in a sexual way and sent it to him via email. She thought it was a private and romantic gesture, but she was wrong.

How did the video leak?

Unfortunately, Kelly's boyfriend was not as loyal as she thought. He shared the video with his friends, who then shared it with more people. Soon, the video was all over the internet. People downloaded it, watched it, commented on it, and made fun of it. Kelly was humiliated and ashamed. She received hateful messages, threats, and insults from strangers. She was bullied at school and online. She felt like she had no one to trust or talk to.

What did Kelly do?

Kelly tried to cope with the situation as best as she could. She deleted her social media accounts, changed her phone number, and cut off contact with her boyfriend and former friends. She reported the video to the police, who tried to remove it from the internet, but it was too late. The video had already spread too far and too fast. Kelly also sought help from a psychologist, who helped her deal with her trauma and depression.

How did Kelly change her name and identity?

Kelly realized that she needed a fresh start. She decided to change her name and move to a different city. She chose the name Kimmy Valetino, which she thought sounded cool and exotic. She dyed her hair blonde and got a new wardrobe. She applied for a job at an auto company as a receptionist. She hoped that by changing her appearance and identity, she could escape from her past and start over.

How did Kelly cope with the video scandal?

Kelly faced a lot of challenges and difficulties after the video scandal. She had to deal with the stigma, the shame, and the harassment from the people who saw the video. She also had to face the legal consequences, as the video was considered child pornography and she was underage. She had to testify in court and cooperate with the authorities. She had to pay a fine and do community service. She also had to undergo therapy and counseling to heal from her trauma.

How did Kelly turn her life around?

Kelly did not give up on herself or her dreams. She decided to use her experience as a motivation to improve herself and help others. She enrolled in a college and studied psychology. She wanted to understand why people do what they do and how they can overcome their problems. She also became an advocate for online safety and cyberbullying prevention. She gave talks and workshops to schools and organizations about the dangers of sharing personal and intimate information online. She also shared her story and offered advice and support to other victims of online abuse.

How is Kelly doing now?

Kelly is now a successful and happy woman. She graduated from college with honors and got a job as a psychologist. She helps people who struggle with mental health issues and trauma. She also runs a blog and a podcast where she talks about online safety, cyberbullying, and self-esteem. She has a loyal and supportive fan base who admire her courage and resilience. She has also found love again. She is married to a man who respects her and loves her for who she is. They have a daughter named Lily, who is their pride and joy.


Kelly Huizen is a remarkable woman who survived a terrible ordeal. She was a victim of online abuse and cyberbullying when she was only 14 years old. She made a video for her boyfriend that leaked on the internet and ruined her reputation. She faced a lot of challenges and difficulties, but she did not let them destroy her. She changed her name, moved to a new city, and started a new life. She also used her experience as a motivation to improve herself and help others. She became a psychologist, an advocate, and a blogger. She also found love and happiness with her husband and daughter. She is an inspiration to many people who struggle with online safety and cyberbullying. She is Kimmy Valetino, but she is also Kelly Huizen. d282676c82


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