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Irena Hood
Irena Hood

BeerSmith 2 Version 2.1.02 Activation Key: A Simple and Secure Way to Activate Your Software

with a single license, you can use beersmith in your home or winemaking operation, or at your business. this could be a homebrew operation, a restaurant, or a small winery. you can also add your personal recipes.

beersmith 2 version 2.1.02 activation key

beersmith has a modern design and offers many shortcut buttons, a folder structure, and a preview panel. displays a list of the included recipes in list form, along with details such as name, style, type, batch size, and date. beersmith recipes can be submitted as a beer leaf, plain text, and a contest entry form. it also helps you add notes, events, and tasks to the calendar, along with details such as priority level, start and end date, description, and name. all applied changes and input data can be saved to a hard disk in bsmx, bsm, and xml formats.

when activating the license for the first time, a message will be displayed, including instructions for activating the license on your computer, reading the license activation instructions, and the option to download the activation key directly from the website.

the next version, beersmith 4, will be version 4.1 and will include tools to identify beer styles. i am seeking a volunteer to help develop these tools and also a volunteer to write the tools documentation.

in the meantime, beersmith 3.3 and beersmith 3.4, containing new features and tools, are available for download. beersmith 3.3 has all of beersmith 3 functionality and beersmith 3.4 has beersmith 3 functionality plus several new tools.3 has a trial version of beersmith 4 tools in the tools section (see below).

this is the easiest way to get the new functionality of beersmith 3.3. i did not include some of the new features for 3.3 on this version, like the addition of mead, wine, and cider, since those are in 3.4, but the profile, ingredients, and recipe editing tools are all there and functional.


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