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Sebastian Brown
Sebastian Brown

QFIL Sahara Fail Error: How I Fixed It on My Bricked Phone

Using the official Mobile Upgrader Q tool from Alcatel, I get a "read terminal information failed" error message, and the Panasonic Download Tool (which also used to work with Idol 3) gives me "Load NPRG Error. (Error code = 5002)"

failed qb_flash_singleimage()- sahara_download()- io error


thank you very much for this tutorial.i had flashed wrong firmwares on my redmi 3s -> hard bricked.I can turn it in old Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode with testing point method.Then i use QPST. I Had Sahara failed error until i understand i need to launch it very quick after rebooting my device in 9008 mode by pressing power and vol- 30 sec.Then i canned turn my device in Fastboot mode, unlock oem and install twrp to flash custom rom.


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