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Buy Reclaimed Wood Table Top

A reclaimed wood table top is sure to add character to your dining room without breaking the bank. Our reclaimed wood table tops are built to the size and shape that you need using wood salvaged from area buildings.

buy reclaimed wood table top

Choose from straight plank reclaimed wood table tops or round reclaimed wood table tops. For smaller restaurants or bars, round reclaimed wood tabletops are perfect for maximizing the space and comfort of guests. Rectangular table tops like our straight plank table tops are ideal for larger restaurants, stores, dining areas, or bars, as they can seat large groups of guests.

Straight plank table tops are ideal for a more natural look. Round reclaimed table tops with a metal edge strapping and all of our reclaimed wood tops come with a water-based urethane Matte finish.

These high-quality, durable tables are made of mixed-width reclaimed Spruce, Pine, Fir, etc. with a cabinet-grade plywood backing for stability, and are about 1.5-inch thick. These reclaimed wood table tops come in a variety of sizes to match your space, and a beautiful water-based urethane Matte finish to match your decor. These economy table tops are not recommended for outdoor use. These table tops also work incredibly well for creating a stylish sign or piece of art to add a pop of personality. With the perfect rustic and industrial foundation, your clever creativity will shine.

Add distinct aesthetic to your restaurant, bar, hospitality dining space, or home with the unmatched look of a butcher block top. Environmental-friendly, the durably crafted solid wood table top showcases the beauty of multiple wood types. The heavy-duty thick top will last you for as long as your restaurant is open for business. While scratch resistant, cutting directly on the table top may damage the UV treated surface finish. Use a damp cloth with an alcohol disinfectant containing 70% or higher alcohol concentration followed by a dry cloth to keep your top spotless and germ free. Bring warmth to your dining room with a kitchen butcher block top. Multi-variations in the color add dimension to this smooth tabletop. Complete your square wood dining table with a 22" x 22" table x-base or 18" round table base. Designed to deliver long-lasting performance for a first-rate dining experience.

The All-Season, Indoor/Outdoor line of tabletops from the Holland Bar Stool Co. are a perfect addition to your patio, deck, dining area, or rec room. The commercial quality "Enduro Top" tabletop requires minimal maintenance, a simple wiping with a wet cloth or a mild detergent is all that is needed to remove signs of spills, burns, or stains, whether from liquids, solid foods, or corrosive or sticky substances. Resistant against all types of weather conditions and UV rays, the Enduro Top is weatherproof, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The Enduro Top line of tabletops is also environmentally friendly, they are made from sustainably harvested materials. If you are in need of a quality tabletop for either indoors or out, look no further than this quality product from the Holland Bar Stool Co.

This tabletop delivers a high-end touch of class for any home for a reasonable price. This tabletop is manufactured under strict EU standards and derived, from solid blocks of finger-jointed and edge-glued ash staves. The wood is unfinished, so you can customize it with an oil finish or stain color to match your décor. Natural wood tones and a soft grain pattern give a simple but stylish feel to your kitchen, bar, den, or craft room.

Our Solid Teak Patio series is built to last. All joints are Mortise and Tenoned at all joints and dowelled for strength. This teak is Lacy act compliant and sustainably harvested on teak farms with consistently replanting the plantation. Teak is a very durable wood and to demonstrate its durability the US Navy uses teak for the decks of our aircraft Carriers. They can be oiled with teak oil and then wipe dry to prevent them from becoming sticky.

This minimalist end table completes your living room or den with its blend of rustic and modern design. Crafted from solid kiln-dried mango wood, it features a circular tray table top balanced on three splayed and tapered legs made from powder-coated iron. A two-tone brown and black hue makes it a great addition in contemporary and farmhouse aesthetics alike. We love how the tabletop is just right for an accent lamp, a framed photo, or a decorative accent.

Attractive and functional, this reclaimed wood plank table top has a tough surface everywhere you need it. Great for modern and minimalist commercial spaces, this on-trend restaurant table top is finished in a chic reclaimed wood look and has a unique character with variations of textures and colors to choose from. This industrial table top works very well for creating your own style or adding some personality to your restaurant tables.

The New York City salvage store Olde Good Things also sells new furnishings they make from recycled wood, metal ceilings, industrial bits, reclaimed glass, and so on. Their large tabletops set on industrial-machinery iron bases are strong and handsome. (The company has also made farm tables using salvaged marble tops on reclaimed bases.) What follows is a review of the steps their artisans take to turn old-growth wood boards into functional furniture, with hints for the do-it-yourselfer.

In this job, Minwax stain was applied (popular colors are Provincial, Dark Walnut, and Golden Oak). The wood was sealed with two coats of Sherwin-Williams White Water Conversion Varnish (with V26 catalyst hardener) for clarity and resistance to yellowing; a spray gun makes application easy. The wood should be sanded between coats and wiped with a tack cloth. The two final coats were Conversion Varnish (with V21 catalyst hardener).

Finished wood tops are attached with lag bolts to a metal base or bases. These thick tabletops weigh 85 to 120 lbs., so the base must be sturdy. Consider a machinery base, or the trestle base from an old sewing machine.

Although the technique was not invented until 1956, and biscuits are predominantly used in joining plywood and MDF, these joints are easier to make and more forgiving than wood spline joints, and ideal for aligning boards edge-to-edge.

NB: The table top is built with two to three support brackets, depending on the size of the table, running underneath the width of the table at either end. These are in place to help keep the table top flat when the wood naturally acclimatises with its surroundings and the changing seasons. These support brackets are usually placed 10-20cm in from the edge of the length of the wood and inset 5cm, either end from the width edge. See photo for example.

Reclaimed wood is a live material and responds to its natural surroundings and, like all living things, it ages. So over time you may notice the wood changing slightly as it adapts to your home. This is completely normal.

No two Timeworn restaurant tabletops will ever be exactly the same due to the nature of the wood we use. Color and grain variation is what to expect and love when you choose to go with solid wood restaurant tables. Drawing from a supply of multiple unique wood types, our craftsmen assemble our solid wood table tops using staves (planks) that are primarily quarter-sawn or vertical grain. Due to the wide variety of woods used in the creation of our pieces, each completed table top tells a story through its distinct knot, grain, and wood character variations.

Each and every one of our tabletops is made of solid reclaimed or new wood here in the U.S. by hand with the help of top-of-the-line machines. All of our reclaimed wood comes from the U.S. as well; primarily from Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, Idaho, and Missouri.

Mark and Randy used a straight line rip saw to cut the edges straight with the exception of two rafter edges that would be used for a live edge on the table. I was able to salvage the edges that they ripped off for later use.

When the top coat has dried, lightly sand any rough edges or bumps. Vacuum up the dust and wipe with a damp rag. Then repeat with another coat of topcoat. (Add at least 4 coats of topcoat to a table.)

Decide how wide and deep you want your table top to be. Then you can pick the scrap wood or reclaimed wood from your stash that would work best. BTW, you can absolutely go out and buy new wood for this build too. ?

Tip, you can make your table top a couple inches wider than you need it, then cut the sides with a circular saw after assembling the table top. That makes it easier to get each side perfectly straight.

Once your table top is joined and the glue has time to dry, sand the top, sides and edges smooth. You also have the option to use an electric hand planer, like I did, to quickly remove old finish and level the boards on your DIY Scrap Wood Table Top.

Use the sander after the planer for a smooth finish and to prep the table top for finish. I used 80-grit, 120-grit, and 180-grit sandpaper to smooth the top and to get it ready for the Danish Oil I applied.

This is a pretty easy build, beginner woodworkers with the right tools should be able to make this table top. The key to getting it looking great is getting a smooth top and the finish. I'll have the steps for how I did the finish on this DIY Scrap Wood Table Top below the build steps.

To get the beautiful, rustic whitewash finish; I started by wiping on a generous coat of Danish Oil in Medium Walnut. I love Danish Oil because it soaks into the wooden and hardens. That makes soft woods a bit more durable than it normally is. It's also super easy to apply.

Be sure to read the directions on the container and follow safety guidelines. I wear gloves when applying this finish. Wipe away any of the finish that the wood doesn't absorb after 5 minutes. Then, let the Danish Oil dry

Hi Stephanie,this project has turned out great! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I'm planning on making a pallet wood table top for my kitchen table so this is very helpful :) I'll be using a homemade aging stain and epoxy to fill the gaps. I hope it'll turn as good as yours :)Have a great day! 041b061a72


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