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[S4E8] Wheels Of Justice

While the campus still largely remains the same as it was prior to the pandemic closure, there is an undeniable imprint of student protest and demands for the university to do better in its support of social change, including greater representation of Black, Indigenous and people of colour, accessibility and safety needs and climate justice.

[S4E8] Wheels of Justice


Condola Vargas is upset that she wasn't Dean's first call. He says he called Yemi first because she's his sister. Dola reminds him that Yemi does contracts. She's not a litigator and he needs a litigator. They talk about their romantic history together and then she asks him what he wants out of the lawsuit. He says he wants the officers punished for what they did and he wants justice. She tells him that's too vague because justice doesn't mean anything. It's subjective. He has to decide what the best possible outcome is for taking on the Seattle Police Department. He has to figure out what he wants to achieve.

In the opening scene, Barry, played by Bill Hader, is shown waking up from a dream in a hospital. Barry is haunted by the sight of his possible fate in the afterlife and after arriving home from the hospital is a bit more coherent, realizing he cannot escape destiny. The finale includes a riveting twist when Barry's girlfriend, Sally, played by Sarah Goldberg, boards a flight to Missouri, and Barry seems to evade justice until he is shown being surrounded by police. The HBO series has been renewed for a fourth season with Hader set to direct all episodes. 041b061a72


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